Amazon Adds More Dash Buttons to Its Site

It has been one year since e-commerce behemoth Amazon launched its first batch of Dash Buttons, the instant, oval shaped order buttons that are tied to the popular brands of coffee, baby formula, detergent, razor blades, paper towels and more.

Now, a year later, on its first anniversary, the e-retailer is tripling the overall number of available Dash Buttons to over 100.

Some of the latest brands are Brawny, Clorox, Doritos, Lysol, Playtex, and Starbucks.

Amongst existing Dash Buttons are Gatorade, Bounty, Gerber Formula, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and Tide amongst others.

In order to be able to take advantage of the Dash Button you need to be or become a member of Amazon Prime. This program was setup with the idea that a button would be put beside the products that are needed frequently.

Then when the user runs out, the button can be pressed and the Dash Button automatically places an order through the e-commerce giants, with the products shipped free through the Prime program.

Amazon said that most of customers who have taken a likely to Dash thus far have a number of buttons. In order to avoid the wrong product from being ordered, the product logo and or name is imprinted on the Dash Button.

To avoid any problems in case a child keeps pushing a button for Mac and Cheese, only the first press is able to be recognized until that order has been delivered.

Daniel Rausch the director of Amazon Dash said that during the last three months, orders from Dash Buttons have expanded by over 75% and he said customers are using the buttons more than one time per minute.

Dash Buttons engenders loyalty but not only for the retailer Amazon, but for the actual brands. Energizer CCO said that by getting a Dash Button for Energizer into the customer

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