Yamraj reaches Lucknow to promote road safety

LUCKNOW: In a unique initiative, the Lucknow Traffic Police is spreading awareness about road safety with the help of Yamraj (the deity of death).

A man dressed as the Hindu god was entrusted with the responsibility to dissipate the message among commuters in the wake of steep rise in the number of road accidents in the city.

Imran Khan, dressed up as Yamraj, is cautioning the city drivers that they should pay attention to the traffic signals and rules if they don‘t want to see him in the near future. Others, accompanying Imran, were seen holding posters urging commuters to follow traffic rules, avoid over-speeding and using cell phones while driving.

“Through our campaign, people are getting aware about the traffic rules and they have realised that it is essential to be attentive while driving on roads. Also, those who were found violating traffic rules have promised that they won‘t repeat such mistakes again. My aim is to tell people that if they met with an accident while driving on roads then they may have to go to Yamraj,” Imran told ANI.

Earlier, the same zeal of raising awareness among people regarding the traffic rules and regulation was seen in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru police spread road safety messages in the city with men dressed as Yamraj and Lord Ganesha, asking people to wear helmets and seat belts.
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