Waste from Tirupur to fuel cement factory in dist

Tirupur: The non-biodegradable waste generated in the city corporation limits would soon become fuel to a cement factory on the outskirts of Coimbatore.
The city corporation on Monday signed a letter of intent with a Coimbatore-based private cement factory to dispose non-biodegradable waste safely.

The civic body said it would send about 30 metric tonnes of non-biodegradable wastes daily to ACC Cement plant at Madukarai on the outskirts of Coimbatore which would use them as alternative for firewood.

The city generates 480 metric tonnes of sewage waste in 60 wards, of which 216 metric tonnes are biodegradable and 264 metric tonnes, non-biodegradable. The corporation is trying to create awareness among the residents and commercial establishments to segregate wastes generated by them at source. It believes that micro-level segregation would be the best solution to dispose them safely or derive value out of waste.

However, the segregation of waste has been poor at micro-level so far.

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