Vanteru cries cop brutality, TRS bribery in Gajwel

HYDERABAD: Congress candidate Vanteru Pratap Reddy, who is taking on CM K Chandrasekhar Rao in Gajwel constituency, on Tuesday alleged that police are harassing and intimidating him. “So far, 25 cases have been filed against me. Cops have confined me in a dark room and are working in favour of KCR. The police enter my residence under the pretext of conducting searches based on false complaints,” Pratap said. He alleged that irrigation minister Hairsh Rao and his followers were distributing money and liquor.

“Despite urging police to take action, and also submitting proof in some of the cases, to take action, nothing has been done,” Vanteru said, adding, “The police are using foul language stating funds for elections are coming from Amaravati. I am contesting the election after selling my land and staying in a rented house. I am willing to sacrifice my life to save democracy. KCR will not get deposit.”

Harish has been campaigning from the past 70 days in Gajwel out of fear that KCR would be defeated. “Rowdy gangs from Siddipet are moving freely in Gajwel and intimidating Congress party workers and my followers,” he added.

Responding to alleged police harassment of Pratap, Telangana Congress president Uttam Kumar Reddy accused the Election Commission and Telangana Police of indirectly supporting the TRS.

He expressed apprehensions that the Assembly elections might not be held in a free and fair manner. He pointed out that Congress candidate Pratap Reddy, who is contesting against K Chandrashekhar Rao from Gajwel, was being subjected to harassment. He said every citizen of this country has a right to contest elections. However, he alleged that Pratap Reddy was being harassed at the instance of KCR and he was being implicated in false cases. He asked the EC and police not to act in a biased manner and ensure free and fair elections.

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