Many schools want parents present during vaccination

Nagpur: As the drive in Nagpur city kicks off from Wednesday for students up to the age of 15, many schools are asking parents to be present during the process. The decision by many schools affiliated to both state board and CBSE serves the dual purpose of safeguarding the school against future controversies plus providing comfort for the students.
A principal whose school’s vaccination drive is scheduled for first week of December said parents’ presence is the best option. “Smaller kids are anyway afraid of needle so having parents present in the room will have a soothing effect,” said the principal.

Another principal, whose CBSE school is just outside the city, too has decided to follow suit. “What happens if a parent turns up one week later and says there was a problem with the vaccination given to her child? I do not want to get involved in any controversy and that too for a programme of which I am simply a facilitator. So we will tell parents to be present and get their child vaccinated in front of them,” said the principal.

Preparations for the vaccination drive are on at many schools. A principal said, “We have been asked to keep three rooms ready for this. In the first room the pre-preparation will be done, in the second the actual vaccination will happen while in the third room the children will be kept under observation for 30 minutes or so.”

Every child will be given a ‘certificate’ after the vaccination. “It’s more like a document that confirms the child has been vaccinated. It has two parts, one remains with the child and the other is taken by the officials who vaccinated them for record keeping,” a principal said.

While a symbolic inauguration of the vaccination programme was done on Tuesday itself in select schools, full drive will start from Wednesday. Dr Mohd Sajid, coordinator for the programme on behalf of World Health Organization (WHO), said, “At 10am on Wednesday our drive will start in the city and rural area. It should take two weeks to complete.”

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