Kolkata: Temperature may rise from today

KOLKATA: The has predicted a marginal rise in temperature from Monday. said the approaching easterly wind has started injecting moisture into the land.

“In the past three days, the northwesterly wind has been keeping the mercury at sub 18-degree Celsius mark. But we expect a slight rise from Monday as the moisture-laden easterly wind will prevail over

the dry northwesterly,” said G K Das, director (weather) at Regional Meteorological Centre, Kolkata.

From 17.9 degrees Celsius on Friday, the mercury slipped slightly to 17 degrees on Saturday which was one degree below the normal. It rose again to 17.5 degrees Celsius on Sunday. Met office expects it to hover around the 18-degree mark on Monday and go up by another notch on Tuesday.

“Because of the moisture incursion, there will be mist or shallow fog in the morning hours. But that will not cause any visibility problem,” added Das.
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