Jewar report in December, key to airport land acquisition

GREATER NOIDA: A report on the rehabilitation of farmers whose land is being acquired for the proposed airport would be ready in the first week of , officials said.
The report, which will also list the amount of compensation to be awarded for each plot, is crucial to set the ball rolling on the actual acquisition of land.

The district administration has been racing against time to get a door-to-door survey of the land and its owners done by November 30. It has scheduled a meeting in Jewar for Tuesday to seek objections and suggestions from the villagers on the airport. It will then need to get a clearance from the environment ministry, before starting with the actual acquisition.

The meeting has been scheduled against the backdrop of protests by a section of farmers that has been seeking four times compensation for their land. The protests threaten to affect the deadline of the airport project, and if the administration manages to come out with the report by the first week of December, it could be construed as one crucial hurdle bypassed.

Balram Singh, ADM (land and acquisition), said administrative teams were now conducting a door-to-door survey to evaluate the structures and properties. The teams are also being supported by officials of the departments of forests, horticulture, sericulture, etc. to determine the value of trees that need to be cut.

The exercise also includes assessing the value of standing crops on land that would be acquired. The district administration, having determined the total compensation to be paid, will award a solatium to the farm owners.

At the meeting on Tuesday, the officials will also invite objections from villagers, if any, against the airport project before submitting a file with the environment ministry. Residents of six villages will attend the programme.

Singh said the meeting would be held in Kishorepur village.

He said the government had accepted the social impact assessment report in October. “The SIA report is a detailed document about the social, economic, financial, environmental impacts associated with the project. We will give a presentation and inform the people about the project. We will seek the villagers’ feedback and answer their queries. We will then prepare the minutes of the meeting and submit them to the department for concerned for environment clearance,” he said.

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