‘Flying dreams’ wins youngster accolades for his debut novel

Coimbatore: Akshay Sharma, 27, from Sai Baba Colony in the city, has been winning praise for his debut novel, ‘The Flying Dreams’.
On Sunday, he was honoured as one among the ‘100 Inspiring Indian Authors’ by Indian Awaz, a forum which encourages Indian brands and talent, in Kolkata. His book was also a nominee in the fiction category for the ‘Gurgaon Literary Awards 2018’ at the Gurgaon Literature Festival held from November 24 to 26.

Speaking of the book, Sharma says the story is an ode to people who dream about what they want to become in life. “The book’s protagonist, a young boy, wants to become a magician but his family doesn’t encourage that. So, he hypnotizes himself and goes into a dream where he performs magic,” says Sharma.

The book was released on October 4 and the very next day, he quit his job as an electronics engineer in a private firm in the city, says Sharma, to take up writing. While his debut is a novel, Sharma says he wanted to write a non-fiction book. “But one of my friends said non-fiction books won’t work well for a debutant author, so I switched to fiction,” he says.

He started writing the book last May and finished it in 20 days, he says. “It took me four months to edit it and bring it to its final form,” he says. Sharma says his inspirations are the popular writers Shiva Khera and Ravinder Singh. He adds that he is planning to make the book a series and has started to work on the second title.

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