Corporator opposes handing over local ground to football assn

Nagpur: Congress from ward no. 2 Manoj Sangole has strongly opposed Nagpur Improvement Trust’s (NIT) decision to lease out sprawling five acres playground situated at Sahyog Nagar, Nari, North Nagpur to the Nagpur District Football Association (NDFA). Sangole wants the playground to be handed over to Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) so that local residents have access to it.
The NIT board of trustees on Monday took a decision to lease out the playground situated in Sangole’s ward to NDFA.

“Local residents and I will launch an agitation and continue it till cancellation of the decision. Playground cannot be given to any private body as NIT and NMC spent funds on it. NIT developed compound wall and walking track around the playground, which are being used by hundreds of local residents. NMC developed green gym, erected flood lights and planted trees. NMC is carrying out works of skating rink, toilets, well, and guard room. Over Rs50 lakh were spent on the playground,” Sangole said.

Sangole added no one came forward for over 15 years when the playground was lying abandoned. “I got approved all works and pursued the execution over last couple of years. Large number of players are using the playground. There is no other playground left in the ward for local residents and players,” he said.

Sangole also said NDFA will prevent entry of local residents and players after taking over the playground. “State government had allotted sprawling playground to NDFA near Bhole Petrol Pump Square on Amravati road. Vasantrao Naik slum cropped up on the land due to NDFA’s negligence. Therefore, NDFA should take efforts to use the land allotted to it,” he said.

After neglecting development of football ground on allotted land, NDFA is left with no open space for its tournaments. NDFA has been conducting football tournaments on playgrounds of other departments and institutions since last many years.

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