France: it will only be legal to manipulate the cell phone in the car if the engine is turned off

February 8, 2018 - By Max Morgan

Distractions at the wheel are one of the main causes of traffic accidents. In Argentina, for example, they participate in 63% of serious accidents, according to the Center for Experimentation and Road Safety (Cesvi).

Among them, the specialists place the use of the cell phone as the most recurrent.
In this context, France took a singular measure: it will only be legal to manipulate the telephone above the car if the engine is off and the vehicle is parked. The newspaper Le Figaro reported the decision of the Court of Cassation, the highest hierarchy.
The fine for not meeting the standard will be 135 euros and the loss of three points of the record for three years.
For French legislation, with the engine running, the car can be considered in circulation. Among other things, this will prevent drivers from turning to their phones at traffic lights.
The same measure establishes some exceptions, such as in case of emergencies or vehicle breakdowns. It also does not apply if hands-free is used.
In the case of a vehicle that circulates the dangers of manipulating a telephone are very high. As TN Autos learned, unlocking the cell phone and watching it takes five seconds. To do it circulating at 20 km / h is equivalent to 27 meters without looking at the road, at 60 km / h it is 83 meters, and at 110 km / h it is 152 meters “blind”.

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